Gen Yang

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Tumors are often heterogeneous in which tumor cells of different phenotypes have distinct properties. For scientific and clinical interests, it is of fundamental importance to understand their properties and the dynamic variations among different phenotypes, specifically under radio- and/or chemo-therapy. Currently there are two controversial models(More)
The geometric locations of ion traversals in mammalian cells constitute important information in the study of heavy ion-induced biological effect. Single ion traversal through a cellular nucleus produces complex and massive DNA damage at a nanometer level, leading to cell inactivation, mutations and transformation. We present a novel approach that uses a(More)
Tumor cells often exist in different phenotypes with distinct properties. Ever-increasing evidence strongly supported the existence of the cancer stem cells (CSCs) and non-stem cancer cells (NSCCs) in various tumors. It is of fundamental importance to understand the properties of the phenotypes under radiation and chemical treatments, for CSCs are regarded(More)
Binary decomposition techniques transform a multi-class problem into several simpler binary problems. In such techniques , a classical issue is to ensure the consistency between the binary assessments of conditional probabilities. Nested dichotomies , which consider tree-shaped decomposition , do not suffer from this issue. Yet , a wrong probability(More)
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