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We examined the effect of brefeldin A, an antiviral antibiotic, on protein synthesis, intracellular processing, and secretion in primary culture of rat hepatocytes. The secretion was strongly blocked by the drug at 1 microgram/ml and higher concentrations, while the protein synthesis was maintained fairly well. Pulse-chase experiments with [35S]methionine(More)
A recombinant chymosin was secreted at high levels using fusion genes with A. oryzae glucoamylase gene (glaA) and a wheat bran solid-state culture system. Two portions of the A. oryzae glucoamylase, one with almost the entire glucoamylase (GA1-603) lacking 9 amino acids at the carboxyl terminal, and the other (GA1-511) lacking the starch binding-domain,(More)
Alterations of the E (epithelial)-cadherin gene are often involved in undifferentiated-type carcinomas of the stomach, but not in the differentiated type. Recently, it was recognized that certain differentiated-type carcinomas possess the features of gastric foveolar epithelium. Such carcinomas are closely linked with undifferentiated-type carcinomas.(More)
The Taka-amylase A gene (amyB) of Aspergillus oryzae is induced by starch or maltose. The molecular mechanism of the induction was investigated using a fusion of the amyB promoter and the Escherichia coli uidA gene encoding beta-glucuronidase (GUS). To identify the region responsible for high-level expression and regulation within the amyB promoter, a(More)
We have isolated an alpha-glucosidase(AGL)-encoding gene (agdA) from Aspergillus oryzae by heterologous hybridization using the corresponding Aspergillus niger gene as a probe. Southern hybridization analysis showed that the agdA gene is on a 5.0-kb ScaI fragment and there is a single copy in the A. oryzae chromosome. Comparison with the A. niger agdA gene(More)
The glucoamylase-encoding gene (glaA) from Aspergillus oryzae was cloned using its cDNA as a probe, which had been isolated previously. From comparison of nucleotide (nt) sequences of genomic clones with its cDNA, the glaA gene was found to contain four short putative introns, 45-56 nt in length. The A. oryzae glaA gene shared 62% homology at the nt level(More)
BACKGROUND Many deaths from attacks of asthma may be preventable. However, the difficulty in preventing fatal attacks is that not all the pathophysiologic risk factors have been identified. METHODS To examine whether dyspnea and chemosensitivity to hypoxia and hypercapnia are factors in fatal asthma attacks, we studied 11 patients with asthma who had had(More)
Human gastric carcinoma shows a higher prevalence of microsatellite instability (MSI) than does any other type of sporadic human cancer. The reasons for this high frequency of MSI are not yet known. In contrast to endometrial and colorectal carcinoma, mutations of the DNA mismatch repair (MMR) genes hMLH1 or hMSH2 have not been described in gastric(More)
INTRODUCTION Risk prediction of gastric cancers is important to implement appropriate screening procedures. Although aberrant DNA methylation is deeply involved in gastric carcinogenesis, its induction by Helicobacter pylori, a strong gastric carcinogen, is unclear. Here, we analyzed the effect of H. pylori infection on the quantity of methylated DNA(More)