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In order to study the proliferation activity of the unspecific esterase positive cells (EPC) of the bone marrow, which are claimed to be monocytic precursor cells, bone marrow aspirate of a normal human being was incubated with H3-thymidine. The smears were stained for demonstration of the Naphthol-AS-acetate esterase and with the Pappenheim stain. In the(More)
Histologische Schnitte methacrylat-eingebetteter Knochenmarksbiopsien erlauben wegen der hervorragend erhaltenen Zellstrukturen eine genaue Beurteilung des Knochenmarks. Wir haben eine einfache Methode entwickelt, um aspirierte Knochenmarksbröckel nach Methacrylateinbettung histologisch aufzuarbeiten. Die histologischen Präparate solcher Bröckelhistologien(More)
On the basis of two cases, one a fistula and the other a cyst of the first brachial cleft with chiefly parotid manifestations, a review of the embryology is given which explains the anatomical features. The elements in their clinical diagnosis, complemented by fistulography and sialography are compared with operative findings, the essential steps in which(More)
Downloa pose: Plexiform neurofibromas (pNF) are Schwann cell tumors found in a third of individuals with fibromatosis type1 (NF1). pNF canundergo transformation tomalignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors ST). There are no identified serumbiomarkers of pNF tumor burden or transformation toMPNST. Serum rkers would be useful to verify NF1 diagnosis, monitor(More)
The leukaemic blast cells of 47 cases of acute leukaemia have been independently subclassified on the basis of panoptic stains on the one side and cytochemical reactions (peroxydase, PAS, naphthol-AS-acetate-esterase) on the other. In 42 cases the results of the cytochemistry were concordant to those of the panoptic stains. The percentage of responders to(More)
A study in a consecutive series of children aged 10 months and 2 and 4 years, attending for general health examinations, allowed comparison of a group of 94 children with serous otitis with a control group of 85 children. About 100 parameters, including past history, and results of clinical and paraclinical examinations, were compared, and findings used for(More)
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