Gen Marubayashi

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This paper presents BER performance of several FH/M-ary multilevel FSK (abbr.MMFSK) and OFDM (MC-SS type) systems using limiters, and compares their properties in an AWGN channel and in a high frequency power-line. The proposed MMFSK systems are modified by using a parallel system and a multi-tone combination system. As a limiter, a soft clipper is adopted.(More)
— In this paper a detailed explanation of our newly proposed frequency hopped spread spectrum system named " MMFSK-EOD System Using Binary Hopping Pattern " (8) is presented. First, to make clear the concept of FH/M-ary Multilevel FSK modulation (abb. FH/ MMFSK or MMFSK), the waveform and the spectrum differences between MFSK and FH/MFSK or FH/MMFSK are(More)
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