Gen Marubayashi

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To compare the transmission system suitability for power-line communications the spectral efficiency and the required transmission power are two important fundamental factors. In this paper these two factors are studied for our proposed MMFSK (M-ary multilevel FSK) system. Spectral efficiency eta of MMFSK system is a function of number of frequency levels(More)
This paper presents BER performance of several FH/M-ary multilevel FSK (abbr.MMFSK) and OFDM (MC-SS type) systems using limiters, and compares their properties in an AWGN channel and in a high frequency power-line. The proposed MMFSK systems are modified by using a parallel system and a multi-tone combination system. As a limiter, a soft clipper is adopted.(More)
In this paper a detailed explanation of our newly proposed frequency hopped spread spectrum system named “MMFSK-EOD System Using Binary Hopping Pattern” (8) is presented. First, to make clear the concept of FH/M-ary Multilevel FSK modulation (abb. FH/ MMFSK or MMFSK), the waveform and the spectrum differences between MFSK and FH/MFSK or FH/MMFSK are(More)
This paper presents the performance of partions [5,6]. If higher-speed data transmission is performed allel combiitorial spread spectrum (PC/SS) systems as by conventional direct sequence spread spectrum (DS/SS) i a high-speed data transmission technique over residential technique, the available processing gain becomes low, so power line. Direct sequence(More)
This paper presents BER performances of FH/M-ary multilevel FSK (abbr. MMFSK) and MMFSK multi-tone combination (abbr. MMFSK-mc) systems using limiters, and compares their properties in an AWGN channel and in a high frequency power line. The proposed both MMFSK (MMFSK and MMFSK-mc) systems are modified by using a parallel system (abbr. P/MMFSK). As a(More)
Error rate simulations under AWGN environment are made for a MMFSK (M-ary multilevel FSK) system, which use a novel hopping pattern synthesis method named even-odd discrimination method. There can be found great many number of systems for a MMFSK system using even-odd discrimination method depending on the system parameters such as number of chips, number(More)
In power-line communications reduction of the radiation power is becoming one of the most important problems. In our previous paper, advantage of the spread spectrum system over OFDM system in the radiation power was shown. In this paper, to reduce the radiation power further, improving methods of error performances of the MMFSK-EOD system (MMFSK system(More)
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