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BACKGROUND AND AIMS Injuries caused by ischaemia and ischaemia/reperfusion in the small intestine have been widely accepted as resulting in necrosis. The aim of this study was to ascertain whether apoptosis also occurs. METHODS Intestinal epithelium from rats subjected to ischaemia (15-90 minutes) and ischaemia/reperfusion (15 minutes ischaemia followed(More)
Myocardial tissue taken from 19 autopsy cases of myocardial infarction were examined both by the nick and labeling method (NELM) and by DNA agarose gel electrophoresis in order to demonstrate the localization of cells with fragmented DNA and to confirm the internucleosomal cleavage of DNA biochemically. The nuclei corresponding to those with the(More)
Repair of superficial damage to gastrointestinal mucosa occurs by a process called restitution. Goblet cells reside throughout the length of the intestine and are responsible for the production of mucus. However, a kinetic analysis of goblet cell dynamics of small intestine in restitution has hitherto not been reported. The aim of the present study was to(More)
Sonic hedgehog (Shh) is a secreted morphogen crucial for cell fate decision, cellular proliferation, and patterning during vertebrate development. The intracellular Shh signalling is transduced by Smoothened (Smo), a seven-transmembrane spanning protein that belongs to the G-protein coupled receptor family. Among four families of Galpha subunits, Galphai(More)
Sonic hedgehog (Shh) is a secreted morphogen crucial for appropriate cellular proliferation during mammalian development. The activated Shh signaling is known to predispose to human tumors such as medulloblastoma and basal cell carcinoma, while a role of Shh signaling in the other common tumors is still controversial. Here we showed the overexpression of(More)
The ontogenic development of lymphoid and non-lymphoid cells in human splenic white pulp was studied histologically with immunoperoxidase technique, together with that of lymphoid cells from fetal liver, bone marrow and thymus by membrane immunofluorescence assay. The primitive white pulp, which appeared as small accumulations of lymphocytes around(More)
Primary cardiac lymphoma (PCL) is a rare and usually fatal neoplasma. A case of PCL in a 78-year-old man who complained of exertional dyspnea and peripheral edema is presented. Echocardiography revealed a mass in the right atrium and a diagnosis of low-grade B-cell lymphoma was obtained with the surgically resected tumor. The lesion appeared to have(More)
Biopsy specimens of lymph nodes with the histologic characteristics of angioimmunoblastic lymphadenopathy with dysproteinemia (AILD) were obtained from 9 cases (4 cases of AILD and 5 cases of AILD-like T lymphoma [AILD-T]) and histologically analyzed by the use of a double immunoenzymatic staining technique with the combination of a monoclonal antibody(More)
The protective effects of the Na+-H+ exchange (NHE) inhibitors SM-198110 (2-[[(aminoiminomethyl) amino] carbonyl]-4-chloro-1H-indole-1-propanesulfonic acid monohydrate) and SM-197378 (N-(aminoiminomethyl)-1-methyl-7-(sulfooxy)-4-(trifluoromethyl)-1H-indole-2-carboxamide monohydrate) were investigated in perfused Langendorff guinea-pig hearts subjected to(More)