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BACKGROUND The significant advances in microarray and proteomics analyses have resulted in an exponential increase in potential new targets and have promised to shed light on the identification of disease markers and cellular pathways. We aim to collect and decipher the HCC-related genes at the systems level. RESULTS Here, we build an integrative(More)
Algorithmic research is an established knowledge engineering process that has allowed researchers to identify new or significant problems, to better understand existing approaches and experimental results, and to obtain new, effective and efficient solutions. While algorithmic researchers regularly contribute to this knowledge base by proposing new problems(More)
Contents of a website can be constructed by two means. Conventional websites usually have a sitemap initially. Using this map as a blueprint, the website designers develop the pages of the content and add links to the content of a website, such as the I-Know'05 homepage. For the website known as a knowledge portal, a sitemap cannot be prepared to outline(More)
Algorithm visualization is a unique research topic that integrates engineering skills such as computer graphics, system programming, database management, computer networks, etc., to facilitate algorithmic researchers in testing their ideas, demonstrating new findings, and teaching algorithm design in the classroom. Within the broad applications of algorithm(More)
The persistence problem of collaborative applications is an essential issue in the research of computer-supported collaborative work. A collaborative computing environment requires a simple and transparent persistence middleware to deal with complex data accesses. Therefore, in this paper, we propose a data persistence mechanism and implement a persistence(More)
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