Gemunu H. Gunaratne

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Massively parallel sequencing of millions of < 30-nt RNAs expressed in mouse ovary, embryonic pancreas (E14.5), and insulin-secreting beta-cells (betaTC-3) reveals that approximately 50% of the mature miRNAs representing mostly the mmu-let-7 family display internal insertion/deletions and substitutions when compared to precursor miRNA and the mouse genome(More)
Bone mineral density (BMD) is the principal diagnostic tool used in clinical settings to diagnose and monitor osteoporosis. Experimental studies on ex vivo bone samples from multiple skeletal locations have been used to propose that their breaking stress bears a power-law relationship to volumetric BMD, with a location-dependent index. We argue that a(More)
Aging induces several types of architectural changes in trabecular bone including thinning, increased levels of anisotropy, and perforation. It has been determined, on the basis of analysis of mathematical models, that reduction in fracture load caused by perforation is significantly higher than those due to equivalent levels of thinning or anisotropy. The(More)
Inner porous regions play a critical role in the load bearing capability of large bones. We show that an extension of disordered elastic networks [Chung et al., Phys. Rev. B 54, 15 094 (1996)] exhibits analogs of several known mechanical features of bone. The "stress backbones" and histograms of stress distributions for healthy and weak networks are shown(More)
An analysis of stationary and nonstationary cellular patterns observed in premixed flames on a circular, porous plug burner is presented. A phenomenological model is introduced, that exhibits patterns similar to the experimental states. The primary modes of the model are combinations of Fourier–Bessel functions, whose radial parts have neighboring zeros.(More)
Drosophila adults, when placed into a novel open-field arena, initially exhibit an elevated level of activity followed by a reduced stable level of spontaneous activity and spend a majority of time near the arena edge, executing motions along the walls. In order to determine the environmental features that are responsible for the initial high activity and(More)
The ability of Karhunen-Loève ͑KL͒ decomposition to identify, extract, and separate the spatial features that characterize a spatiotemporal system is demonstrated using video images from a combustion experiment and nonstationary states from a phenomenological model. Cellular flames on a circular porous plug burner exhibit a variety of stationary and(More)
In open field arenas, Drosophila adults exhibit a preference for arena boundaries over internal walls and open regions. Herein, we investigate the nature of this preference using phenomenological modeling of locomotion to determine whether local arena features and constraints on movement alone are sufficient to drive positional preferences within open field(More)
Early and accurate diagnoses of cancer can significantly improve the design of personalized therapy and enhance the success of therapeutic interventions. Histopathological approaches, which rely on microscopic examinations of malignant tissue, are not conducive to timely diagnoses. High throughput genomics offers a possible new classification of cancer(More)
In a seminal paper in 1973, Black and Scholes argued how expected distributions of stock prices can be used to price options. Their model assumed a directed random motion for the returns and consequently a lognormal distribution of asset prices after a finite time. We point out two problems with their formulation. First, we show that the option valuation is(More)