Gemma Thomson

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The effect of inoculating seedlings of Eucalyptus grandis, Allocasuarina littoralis and Casuarina equisetifolia with two isolates of Pisolithus and two isolates of Scleroderma from under eucalypts was examined in a glasshouse trial. Ectomycorrhizas formed extensively on Eucalyptus (23–46% fine roots ectomycorrhizal) and Allocasuarina (18–51% fine roots(More)
In the central nervous system (CNS) the majority of axons are surrounded by a myelin sheath, which is produced by oligodendrocytes. Myelin is a lipid-rich insulating material that facilitates the rapid conduction of electrical impulses along the myelinated nerve fibre. Proteolipid protein and its isoform DM20 constitute the most abundant protein component(More)
The constancy of action potential conduction in the central nervous system (CNS) relies on uniform axon diameter coupled with fidelity of the overlying myelin providing high-resistance, low capacitance insulation. Whereas the effects of demyelination on conduction have been extensively studied/modeled, equivalent studies on the repercussions for conduction(More)
Anther form and structure across the taxonomic groups inVerticordia were examined. The three anther types which were recognised — rectangular, oblong and saccate, accord well with the three subgenera into which the genus has been divided. The sporogenous part of the anther has a fairly typical angiosperm anatomy. However in many species there is a small or(More)
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