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PURPOSE To examine potential markers of clinical benefit and the effects of erlotinib on the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) signaling pathway in advanced non-small cell lung cancer patients refractory to platinum-based chemotherapy. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Patients were given erlotinib (150 mg/d). Tumor biopsies were done immediately before treatment(More)
BACKGROUND Inhibition of the EGFR pathway is a useful strategy in the treatment of patients with advanced NSCLC. The aim of this study is to assess predictive clinical parameters of efficacy. METHODS AND PATIENTS Sixty-two patients with advanced NSCLC were treated with erlotinib as second-third line (150 mg/day). Baseline patient characteristics were:(More)
This phase I trial examined the safety, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics of MLN8054, an oral, selective, small-molecule inhibitor of Aurora A kinase. Patients with advanced solid tumors received increasing doses of MLN8054 in 28-day cycles until dose-limiting toxicity (DLT) was seen in ≥2 of 3-6 patients in a cohort. For the 10-mg and 20-mg cohorts,(More)
2002 Background: EMD 72000, an IgG1 humanized anti-EGFR MAb, has a prolonged half life and we showed that 1200q3w has favorable PK profile when compared to more frequent schedules (Tabernero et al, Proc ASCO 2003, abst 770). To define the OBD of q3w EMD 72000, we have now studied additional dose levels: 400, 800 and 1600 mg. METHODS Skin and tumor(More)
The high-resolution appearance of enlarged parathyroid glands is well known. Thus, real-time gray-scale US alone fails to provide, in ENT surgery, adequate sensitivity and specificity rates to differentiate between parathyroid glands, hypoechoic thyroid adenomas and other hypoechoic neck masses. Since parathyroid tissue, in both normal and enlarged glands,(More)
In the last 5 years, 1,245 breasts have been examined with conventional and color-Doppler US. To assess color-Doppler capabilities and limitations, the results were critically reviewed only of the 311 patients who were operated and had unquestionable histologic findings. We investigated: 1) the number of "vascular poles", that is the vessels entering the(More)
A case of an unusual association of ulcerative colitis, sclerosing cholangitis, cholangiocarcinoma and IgA deficiency in a 22-year-old man is reported. The patient was admitted to the hospital with jaundice. Ulcerative colitis had been diagnosed 4 years before. The association of sclerosing cholangitis and cholangiocarcinoma was demonstrated. In addition(More)
The authors report five cases of gastric amyloidosis in addition of the fourty three published cases. These cases was polyvisceral forms, 4 times primitive and 1 time secondary to a psoriasic rheumatism. Three times only the patients had complaints of digestive tract. Four times non specific radiologic and endoscopic signs lead to a biopsy which permits(More)