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Background and Purpose. Intravenous thrombolysis using tissue plasminogen activator is safe and probably effective in patients >80 years old. Nevertheless, its safety has not been specifically addressed for the oldest old patients (≥85 years old, OO). We assessed the safety and effectiveness of thrombolysis in this group of age. Methods. A prospective(More)
—For a non IT expert to use services in the Cloud is more natural to negotiate the QoS with the provider in terms of service-level metrics –e.g. job deadlines– instead of resource-level metrics –e.g. CPU MHz. However, current infrastructures only support resource-level metrics –e.g. CPU share and memory allocation– and there is not a well-known mechanism to(More)
—Companies are currently turning to the use of web applications offered as Cloud services, expecting a certain QoS expressed by means of a maximum response time. Virtual Machines hosting these applications may vary their resource allotment as a consequence of a variation in the incoming workload intensity to guarantee the agreed response time. This(More)
Peaches with low acidity are preferred in the market and this trait is usually selected in commercial breeding programs. A major gene (D/d) has been described for this character located on linkage group 5 of peach, where the low acid character is determined by the dominant D allele. In this paper, we analyze a collection of 231 varieties and 542 offspring(More)
The red skin color desired by most apple consumers is not easy to achieve in warm climates, as the expression of MYB10, which regulates red pigmentation in apple, is influenced negatively by high temperatures. We describe the development and validation of a genetic marker for red skin coloration that effectively predicts color in a warm summer environment(More)
The main aim of this project is to study the internal functions of an operating system in depth. You will learn how to modify basic data structures of an OS and improve its functionalities. In this second project, a generic Linux distribution (specifically, version 2.6) will be used and several kernel modules to add new functionalities will be implemented.(More)
—When executing their tasks, Grid and Cloud users want to express their requirements in terms of high-level metrics (e.g. in terms of execution time, not in terms of CPU MHz). Moreover, at the submission time they would like to know if the resource provider will fulfil with their requirements in order to decide if they would rather prefer another provider.(More)
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