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Personality is one of several factors that have been related to the initiation, maintenance and cessation of smoking. This paper aims to analyze the relationship between the alternative five-factor model of personality (AFFM), nicotine dependence (ND), nicotine use (NU) and cessation after twelve months of a cognitive-behavioral therapy combined with(More)
The Neurexin 3 gene (NRXN3) has been associated with dependence on various addictive substances, as well as with the degree of smoking in schizophrenic patients and impulsivity among tobacco abusers. To further evaluate the role of NRXN3 in nicotine addiction, we analyzed single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and a copy number variant (CNV) within the(More)
INTRODUCTION There is a high prevalence of smoking among heavy drinkers, which is often forgotten even though it has important health consequences. AIM To evaluate the effects that providing an intensive tobacco cessation treatment simultaneously with alcohol dependence treatment versus delayed treatment (first alcohol and 6 months later tobacco) has on(More)
INTRODUCTION Smoke-free policies have been extended to enclosed workplaces in many countries; however, smoking continues to be commonly allowed on psychiatric premises. The aim of this study was to describe tobacco control strategies undertaken in psychiatric inpatient services and day centres in Spain. METHODS This cross-sectional survey included all(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Since World Health Organization (WHO) recommends brief interventions for smoking cessation to be included systematically in daily practise as a part of clinical work, the main aim of this study is to know if this intervention is done by health professionals working in hospital wards in a general hospital in Barcelona. Secondly, to(More)
We present a simple approach to calculate the thermodynamic properties of single Kondo impurities including orbital degeneracy and crystal field effects (CFE) by extending a previous proposal by Schotte and Schotte (1975 Phys. Lett. 55A 38). Comparison with exact solutions for the specific heat of a quartet ground state split into two doublets shows(More)
INTRODUCTION The promotion of smoking cessation in hospital settings is uncommon. One of the main barriers to such promotion is lack of knowledge on how to proceed. The objective of this study is to assess changes in professionals' knowledge, attitudes and actions after having received training in brief intervention. PARTICIPANTS AND METHOD Self-perceived(More)
BACKGROUND The Catalan Network of Smoke-free Hospitals coordinates a smoking cessation program addressed to hospital workers. The program included training in tobacco cessation, a common software, and free access to pharmacological treatments. OBJECTIVE This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of the Catalan Network of Smoke-free Hospitals smoking(More)
We analyze the angular dependence of the irreversible magnetization of YBa2Cu3O7 crystals with columnar defects inclined from the c-axis. At high fields a sharp maximum centered at the tracks’ direction is observed. At low fields we identify a lock-in phase characterized by an angle-independent pinning strength and observe an angular shift of the peak(More)