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Azoarcus sp. strain BH72 is an aerobic diazotrophic bacterium that was originally found as an endophyte in Kallar grass. Anticipating that these bacteria are exposed to dissolved O2 concentrations (DOCs) in the nanomolar range during their life cycle, we studied the impact of increasing O2 deprivation on N2 fixation and respiration. Bacteria were grown in(More)
Anaerobically grown bacteria isolated from the hindgut contents of the termites Coptotermes lacteus (Froggatt), Mastotermes darwiniensis Froggatt and Nasutitermes exitiosus (Hill) were nitrogenase-positive as assayed by acetylene reduction. Nitrogen fixation, confirmed with 15N2, was highest in the isolate from M. darwiniensis. All isolates were identified(More)
The apparent Michaelis constants [K'(N(2)) and K'(C(2)H(2))] and the corresponding apparent maximum velocity values (V') for soya-bean bacteroid nitrogenase increased concomitantly in response to increases in nitrogenase Fe-protein concentration and ATP concentration in cell-free assays and in response to O(2) pressure in intact nodules and bacteroid(More)
Effects of very low concentrations of dissolved O2 on nitrogenase activity in Klebsiella pneumoniae were studied in a stirred chamber system which enabled simultaneous measurements of steady-state O2 concentrations, O2 consumption and C2H2 reduction. A strain carrying a chromosomal nifH::lac fusion as well as the Nif+ plasmid pRD1, expressed nitrogenase(More)
Azospirillum spp. were shown to utilize both straw and xylan, a major component of straw, for growth with an adequate combined N supply and also under N-limiting conditions. For most strains examined, a semisolid agar medium was satisfactory, but several strains appeared to be capable of slow metabolism of the agar. Subsequently, experiments were done with(More)
BACKGROUND Atracurium has four chiral centers and the marketed product is a mixture of ten optical and geometric isomers. Six of the isomers were prepared and evaluated for neuromuscular blocking activity and autonomic effects in anesthetized cats. This study reports the comparative pharmacology of the six isomers and atracurium that led to the selection of(More)