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OBJECTIVES Is the FRA a reliable and valid instrument? Are there any gender differences concerning math anxiety? Are there any developmental changes in this regard in the course of the early grades? METHODS Together with the dyscalculia test TEDI-MATH, the FRA was presented to a total of 450 children from the first to the third grade of primary school (at(More)
Over the last decade or so, a wealth of research has established that bacteria communicate with one another using small molecules. These signals enable the individuals in a population to coordinate their behaviour. In the case of pathogens, this behaviour may include decisions such as when to attack a host organism or form a biofilm. Consequently, such(More)
Bromopolystyrene beads with diameters of up to 600 microm have been derivatized completely, via bromine-magnesium exchange and interception with electrophiles, to yield high quality solid-supported reagents, scavengers and solid supports for use in diversity-oriented synthesis.
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