Gemma L. Robinson

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We show that a portion of the TM2 domain regulates the sensitivity of beta subunit-containing rat neuronal nicotinic AChR to the ganglionic blocker mecamylamine, such that the substitution of 4 amino acids of the muscle beta subunit sequence into the neuronal beta4 sequence decreases the potency of mecamylamine by a factor of 200 and eliminates any(More)
Formation of the death-inducing signaling complex (DISC) is a critical step in death receptor-mediated apoptosis, yet the mechanisms underlying assembly of this key multiprotein complex remain unclear. Using quantitative mass spectrometry, we have delineated the stoichiometry of the native TRAIL DISC. While current models suggest that core DISC components(More)
H1 histones, found in all multicellular eukaryotes, associate with linker DNA between adjacent nucleosomes, presumably to keep the chromatin in a compact, helical state. The identification of multiple histone H1 subtypes in vertebrates suggests these proteins have specialized roles in chromatin organization and thus influence the regulation of gene(More)
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