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Basal LH, FSH, 17 beta-oestradiol and testosterone and the gonadotrophin responses to luteinizing hormone releasing hormone (LHRH) were studied in male patients with leprosy (twenty-four with lepromatous and six with tuberculoid leprosy). The mean basal LH and FSH was significantly elevated in the lepromatous group and was associated with an excessive(More)
Vaying degrees of testicular dysfunction are found in men with traumatic spinal cord damage. Eighteen paraplegic men have been studied and the gonadotropin response to luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LRH) measured. Basal serum testosterone estimations were made and in eight of the patients testicular testosterone reserve was assessed by the(More)
The pancreolauryl test is marketed as a tubeless test of pancreatic function based on the specific splitting by pancreatic esterase of orally administered fluorescein dilaurate. We have evaluated the test in 50 patients, all of whom had at least one other pancreatic function test (secretin-pancreozymin, Lundh, BT PABA/14C index). The sensitivity of the(More)
The percentage absorption from a 3 mg dose of ferrous iron was measured in 50 subjects with iron stores that varied over a wide range. Iron status was assessed by a number of measurements, including the haemoglobin concentration, the plasma iron concentration, the total iron-binding capacity, the plasma ferritin concentration and the concentration of(More)
Alkaline phosphatase has been extracted from human pancreas with n-butanol and has been shown to have distinctive isoenzyme characteristics when compared with the enzymes of small intestine and of normal serum. The enzyme has been demonstrated histochemically in a carcinoma of the pancreas and also in an islet cell tumour and the tumour enzyme has been(More)
BACKGROUND Muscarinic receptors in the brain play an important role in cognitive function, especially memory, and there is growing awareness that specific antimuscarinic drugs for overactive bladder (OAB) may have adverse central nervous system (CNS) effects. Selection of an antimuscarinic OAB drug with reduced potential for CNS effects could be especially(More)
This article reviews 41 cases of the popliteal artery entrapment syndrome in individuals less than 20 years of age. In this syndrome, symptoms are caused by vascular insufficiency produced by either an anomalous course of the popliteal artery or anomalous muscles impinging upon it. Because vascular insufficiency is uncommon in orthopedic patients in this(More)
Eight men and four women with myotonia dystrophica were investigated. The gonadotropin responses to 100 mug luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LRH) were studied, and serum testosterone assayed. In the men with testicular atrophy a high basal follicle stimulating hormone was found with an exaggerated response to LRH. Although the mean basal luteinizing(More)