Gemma Hamidani

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Chemosensory neurons in the antennular flagella of lobsters mediate long-range responses to chemicals. These neurons are part of two parallel chemosensory pathways with different peripheral and central components. Aesthetasc sensilla on the lateral flagella are innervated by chemosensory neurons that project to the olfactory lobes. A diversity of other(More)
have similar organizational features. Afferents of olfactory receptor neurons terminate in glomeruli in primary olfactory centers in the brain of vertebrates (Pinching and Powell, 1971; Mori and Yoshihara, 1995; Hildebrand and Shepherd, 1997; Mori et al., 1999) and many invertebrates; for example, molluscs (Chase and Tolloczko, 1993), insects (Maynard,(More)
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