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Quantitative compositin of Dentex dentex eggs lipid classes (LCs) and fatty acid (FA)s were measured and correlated to embryo and larva viability parameters (egg buoyancy, floating rate (FR),(More)
Free amino acids (FAAs) play a key role in the physiology of marine teleosts (eggs, embryos, and larvae). However, the relationship between the egg FAAs content and the production of viable embryos(More)
The application of ultra-performance rapid resolution LC on a 1.8 microm particle-size column coupled with tandem MS (RRLC-MS/MS) is described for the analysis of amnesic shellfish poisoning (ASP)(More)
To evaluate the importance of the quantitative composition of vitellogenin (Vtg)-derived egg yolk proteins during initial events of Dentex dentex life, viable eggs were obtained from captive(More)
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