Gemma Comellas

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Misfolded α-synuclein amyloid fibrils are the principal components of Lewy bodies and neurites, hallmarks of Parkinson's disease (PD). We present a high-resolution structure of an α-synuclein fibril, in a form that induces robust pathology in primary neuronal culture, determined by solid-state NMR spectroscopy and validated by EM and X-ray fiber(More)
Parkinson's disease (PD) is pathologically characterized by the presence of Lewy bodies (LBs) in dopaminergic neurons of the substantia nigra. These intracellular inclusions are largely composed of misfolded α-synuclein (AS), a neuronal protein that is abundant in the vertebrate brain. Point mutations in AS are associated with rare, early-onset forms of PD,(More)
α-Synuclein (AS) is associated with both sporadic and familial forms of Parkinson disease (PD). In sporadic disease, wild-type AS fibrillates and accumulates as Lewy bodies within dopaminergic neurons of the substantia nigra. The accumulation of misfolded AS is associated with the death of these neurons, which underlies many of the clinical features of PD.(More)
For over 50 years, amphotericin has remained the powerful but highly toxic last line of defense in treating life-threatening fungal infections in humans with minimal development of microbial resistance. Understanding how this small molecule kills yeast is thus critical for guiding development of derivatives with an improved therapeutic index and other(More)
Here we describe the design, synthesis and evaluation of the first solid-phase substrates for prolyl oligopeptidase (POP), a cytosolic serine peptidase associated with schizophrenia, bipolar affective disorder and related neuropsychiatric disorders. This study seeks to contribute to the future design of a one-bead one-compound (OBOC) peptide library of POP(More)
Standard methods for de novo protein structure determination by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) require time-consuming data collection and interpretation efforts. Here we present a qualitatively distinct and novel approach, called Comparative, Objective Measurement of Protein Architectures by Scoring Shifts (COMPASS), which identifies the best structures(More)
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