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Cultural preference and the high cost and unavailability of anti-HIV drugs for people living with HIV/AIDS in the developing world leads many to turn to traditional (indigenous) medicine to manage HIV-related illness. Traditional health practitioners can play an important role in delivering an AIDS prevention message and some may be able to offer treatment(More)
Oxytocin, vasopressin and neurophysin-like immunoreactivity have been identified and measured by radioimmunoassay in extracts of human and rat testis and human fetal adrenal tissue. The authenticity of these polypeptides has been confirmed by their behaviour on high performance liquid chromatography. The concentrations of the hormone were too great to be(More)
Human macrophage-like accessory cells were analyzed as they emerge in the absence of extrinsic antigens during fetal development. Monoclonal antibodies to monocytes/macrophages were used in combination with antibodies to HLA class II molecules. In the yolk sac and mesenchyme sampled at wk 4 to 6 of fertilization age, cells with dendritic morphology formed(More)
1. Radioactivity associated with the three neurophysins in the neural lobe of the rat was determined at intervals up to 5 weeks after an intracisternal injection of [(35)S]cysteine. 2. The radioactivity associated with the two major neurophysins (one supposedly associated with vasopressin and the other with oxytocin) increased linearly for 12h after the(More)
A subset of resting T cells expressing low levels CD45RA and CD45RO molecules (< 1 x 10(3)/cell; CD45RA(low)CD45RO(low)) but high levels of CD45RB and CD38 (5 to 25 x 10(3)/cell) were identified in human cord blood. When these CD45RA(low)RO(low) cells were isolated, they failed to survive in culture (< 10% viability at day 3) unless they were co-cultured on(More)
A single 3.6-mg Zoladex subcutaneous depot injection was effective in suppressing the pituitary-ovarian function for about 5 weeks in nine regularly menstruating, premenopausal volunteers. Menses returned approximately 9 weeks after the injection. Zoladex depot is a novel approach in the administration of GnRH agonists and offers great therapeutic potential.
In man, during fetal development the B cell populations show distinct phenotypes at different tissue sites. The pre-B and B lymphocytes of the fetal liver and bone marrow express IgM and B cell markers, B1 (CD20) and BA-1 (CD24). These "early" cells are negative with a number of other reagents, anti-IgD, RFB4 (CD22), RFB6 (CD21), and RFA-2, which on the(More)