Gemma Boguslawski

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A new generation of exertion game controllers are emerging with a high level of movement recognition precision which can be described as the ability to accurately discriminate between complex movements with regards to gesture recognition and in turn provide better on-screen feedback. These controllers offer the possibility to create a more realistic set of(More)
The yeast gene PBS2 encodes a presumed protein kinase. The gene is essential for manifestation of resistance to the antibiotic polymyxin B. Deletion of PBS2 enables a ras2-530 null mutant to grow on nonfermentable carbon sources; overexpression of PBS2+ enhances viability of a RAS2Val19 mutant. Overexpression of PBS2+ also diminishes cellular response to(More)
This project is submitted as an examination paper. No responsibility can be held by London University for the accuracy or completeness of the material therein. 2 Acknowledgement I would like to express huge thanks to Dr. Nadia Bianchi-Berthouze who has supported me marvellously throughout the study; to Guy, Bettina and Dave for literally fuelling me to the(More)
The definition of signaling pathways in endothelial cells has been hampered by the difficulty of transiently transfecting these cells with high efficiency. This investigation was undertaken to develop an efficient technique for the transfection of endothelial cells for functional analyses. Cells cotransfected with plasmid expressing green fluorescent(More)
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