Gema Alvarez Garcia

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The involvement of vasopressin (AVP) in several pathological states has been reported recently and the selective blockade of the different AVP receptors could offer new clinical perspectives. During the past few years, various selective, orally active AVP V1a (OPC-21268, SR49059 (Relcovaptan)), V2 (OPC-31260, OPC-41061 (Tolvaptan), VPA-985 (Lixivaptan),(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about the development of acute lung injury outside the intensive care unit. We set out to document the following: the association between predefined clinical conditions and the development of acute lung injury by using the American-European consensus definition; the frequency of lung injury development outside the intensive care(More)
Bovine besnoitiosis, caused by the apicomplexan Besnoitia besnoiti, is a chronic and debilitating disease considered as emerging in Europe. In Spain, Portugal and France it is endemic and foci of infection were recorded in Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Greece and Italy. In Italy, cases of bovine besnoitiosis were registered both in imported and(More)
Atresia is the process through which non-selectable oocytes are eliminated; it involves apoptosis and/or autophagy. This study used immunohistochemical and ultrastructural techniques to characterize the lamellae present in the cytoplasm of oocytes in follicles in the process of atresia in prepubertal and adult Wistar rats. The results indicate that the(More)
The main compensatory response to insulin resistance is the pancreatic beta cell hyperplasia to account for increased insulin secretion. In fact, in a previous work we proposed a liver-pancreas endocrine axis with IGF-I (insulin-like growth factor type I) secreted by the liver acting on IRA insulin receptor in beta cells from iLIRKO mice (inducible Liver(More)
A delay in the formation of the terminal neuroma following sciatic nerve section in rats was obtained by means of free nerve grafts sutured to the proximal stump of the sectioned sciatic nerve branches. The automutilating behaviour in these animals was statistically compared with that which follows single sciatic section and sciatic section plus end-to-end(More)
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