Gema Alama-Bermejo

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Sparidae are economically important fishes to both, fisheries and aquaculture in the Mediterranean. Species diversification is an important strategy for the development of Mediterranean aquaculture.(More)
Elongate plasmodia with myxosporean spores belonging to the genus Unicapsula, Davis, 1924 were found in the skeletal muscle of the striped seabream, Lithognathus mormyrus (L.), a candidate for the(More)
Aporocotyle mariachristinae n. sp. and A. ymakara Villalba & Fernández, 1986 were collected from the bulbus arteriosus and ventral aorta of pink cusk-eels, Genypterus blacodes (Forster, 1801) from(More)
This study describes a new aporocotylid genus and species, Skoulekia meningialis n. gen., n. sp. which was detected in the ectomeningeal veins surrounding the optic lobes of the brain of the common(More)
Breizacanthus aznari sp. n. is described from the banded cusk-eel Raneya brasiliensis (Kaup) (Ophidiiformes: Ophidiidae) from the Patagonian coast in Argentina. Breizacanthus Golvan, 1969 is(More)
The genus Neogrubea Dillon & Hargis, 1968 (syn. Asymmetria Suriano, 1975) is revised based on examination of type- and voucher material, and from new specimens collected from the gills of Seriolella(More)
Plasmodia containing myxospores belonging to the genus Myxobolus Bütschli, 1882 were found in the ovaries and liver of Salminus hilarii. Despite its economic value, this fish host has no previous(More)
Aporocotylid blood flukes conspecific with Aporocotyle margolisi Smith, 1967 were collected from the bulbus arteriosus of the North Pacific hake Merluccius productus (Ayres). This study revisits the(More)