Gelbaum Leslie

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Water-soluble sulfonated cellulose (SC) samples were synthesized by oxidizing hardwood kraft pulp with sodium periodate followed by the sulfonation reaction with sodium bisulfite. Six levels of oxidation/sulfonation were obtained by using different mmols (0.93-4.67) of periodate per gram of pulp. The aldehyde and sulfonic acid contents, surface morphology,(More)
transfected and control neurons were calculated by recording whole-cell currents under voltage clamp. Voltage steps in 10-mV increments were applied every 1 s. Evoked synaptic currents were recorded using pipettes whose internal solution was supplemented with QX-314 (4 mM), and in the presence of 50–100 mM picrotoxin in the extracellular medium to isolate(More)
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