Geisa Martins Faustino

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We present an algorithm that creates a mosaic effect for an image in an adaptive and automatic fashion. The algorithm is automatic because it does not need user intervention, except for the choice of a couple of parameters. The algorithm is adaptive because it creates tiles whose sizes are adapted to the features of the image. This is achieved by using a(More)
The stem cell ability of differentiation in different kinds of cells is crucial for therapeutic application. Stem cells can be used to find a cure for several diseases, such as cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, and others. The promise of the use of the capacity of computational power and the applicability of the recent techniques in computational and(More)
In this paper, we propose an automatic embryonic stem cell detection and counting<lb>method in fluorescence microscopy images. We handle with pluripotent stem cells cultured in<lb>vitro. Our approach uses the luminance information to generate a graph-based image representa-<lb>tion. Then, a graph mining process is used to detect the cells. The proposed(More)
Many cell-based research studies require the counting of cells in order to understand and validate experiments through statistical analyses. Although progress in imaging technology has enabled the automation of cell counting for many different cell types, this process still has to be done manually in the case of images of embryonic stem cells. In this(More)
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