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—A local lightwave network can be constructed by employing two-way fibers to connect nodes in a passive-star physical topology, and the available optical bandwidth may be accessed by the nodal transmitters and receivers at electronic rates using wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM). The number of WDM channels, w, in such a network is technology-limited(More)
High assurance guards are central to the ability to exchange information between federated partners, both in the battlefield and between strategic commands. The guards play important role in development of the NATO Network Enabled Capability and the NATO Future Mission Network. In this paper we present current activities within NATO related to the(More)
This paper looks at how traffic flow confidentiality becomes more difficult to achieve as the requirement for modern, flexible networks forces confidentiality protection closer to the edge of the network. Information available at different layers of the OSI stack is presented, as well as current and possible future countermeasures. The military implications(More)
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