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In an action research study, we describe the application of the scrum software development process in a small cross-organizational development project. The stakeholders in the project report many of the benefits we have found in previous studies, such as increased overview of the project, flexibility and motivation. In addition, we have found that(More)
BACKGROUND Different approaches for an effective quality management are funded by the Ministry of health to verify, and if necessary to optimize, the quality of health care using the tracer diagnosis breast, rectal and lung cancer in 8 regions in Germany. The aim of the study is to develop a model for description and support of high quality health care for(More)
e11570 Background: Febrile neutropenia (FN) is an undesired effect of myelosuppressive chemotherapy (CTX). To date limited data on costs of FN management is available. We compared costs and reimbursement of FN in a study of BC patients during adjuvant anthracycline (AC)-based CTX. METHODS Prospective, observational, longitudinal study in primary BC(More)
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