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A dual sensor tomograph for three-component flow imaging has been built at the University of Bergen in cooperation with Christian Michelsen Research AS and Norsk Hydro AS. It utilizes an eight-electrode electrical capacitance tomograph and a γ-ray tomograph with five radiation sources and 85 compact detectors. Embedded transputers using memory-mapped I/O(More)
  • Durfee, V R And Corkill, D D Increasing, D D Coopera, D D Coherent, Decker +27 others
  • 1990
tion through communication in a distributed problem solving network. cooperation among communicating problem solvers. A widely dispersed object-oriented operating system. In: Speth, R. A distributed artificial intelligence application for severe storm forecasting.tion: a model and experiment. The contract-net protocol: high-level communication and control(More)
The Cray XT Programming Environment will support the implementation of dynamic shared libraries in future Cray XT CLE releases. The Cray XT implementation will provide the flexibility to allow specific library versions to be chosen at both link and run times. The implementation of dynamic shared libraries allows dynamically linked executables built with(More)
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