Gehad Ismail Sayed

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Breast cancer is one from various diseases that has got great attention in the last decades. This due to the number of women who died because of this disease. Segmentation is always an important step in developing a CAD system. This paper proposed an automatic segmentation method for the Region of Interest (ROI) from breast thermograms. This method is based(More)
Liver cancer is one of the most common internal malignancies worldwide and also one of the most leading death causes disease. Early detection and accurate staging of liver cancer is considered an important issue in practical radiology. In this paper, a hybrid segmentation approach based on the modified Watershed algorithm and Neutrosophic logics is proposed(More)
Interphase cells are undivided and the condensed mass of chromosomes. They can highly decrease the efficiency of automatic karyotype. karyotype is a test that is used to examine chromosomes. This test includes counting the number of chromosomes and finding the structural changes in chromosomes. Removal of these interphase cells is challenging task, because(More)
Crow search algorithm (CSA) is a new natural inspired algorithm proposed by Askarzadeh in 2016. The main inspiration of CSA came from crow search mechanism for hiding their food. Like most of the optimization algorithms, CSA suffers from low convergence rate and entrapment in local optima. In this paper, a novel meta-heuristic optimizer, namely chaotic crow(More)
The early detection of breast cancer makes many women survive. In this paper, a CAD system classifying breast cancer thermograms to normal and abnormal is proposed. This approach consists of two main phases: automatic segmentation and classification. For the former phase, an improved segmentation approach based on both Neutrosophic sets (NS) and optimized(More)
This paper presents an automatic mitosis detection approach of histopathology slide imaging based on using neutrosophic sets (NS) and moth-flame optimization (MFO). The proposed approach consists of two main phases, namely candidate’s extraction and candidate’s classification phase. At candidate’s extraction phase, Gaussian filter was applied to the(More)
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