Gehad El ghazali

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Background Short Tandem Repeats (STRs) are nucleotides sequences with repeat motifs of variable lengths (2 to 8bp) that are polymorphic (i.e. number of repeats varies between individuals) [1,2]. STRs represent about 3% of human DNA and occur approximately one time in every 10,000 nucleotides. STRs are an invaluable tool and their unique sequences used in(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the glycaemic profile of patients with severe malaria (SM). METHODS For this purpose, 110 SM patients were recruited. Pre-treatment random blood glucose and plasma insulin were measured in a subset of donors. An ex-vivo experiment was developed for estimation of glucose consumption by parasitized erythrocytes. RESULTS Hyperglycaemia(More)
Vitamin D is getting more attention everyday due to its importance in maintaining bone and calcium homeostasis, cellular proliferation, differentiation and immune response. Vitamin D is derived from diet or elicited in the skin by the activation of 7-dehydrocholesterol, which is an inert molecule that must be activated by ultraviolet light to form(More)
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