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A privacy preserving authentication scheme for roaming services in global mobility networks
A privacy-preserving authentication scheme based on elliptic curve cryptography that is provably secure under a formal model that satisfies all practical security requirements and enjoys better performance in terms of computation cost and security. Expand
Size-related change in Nitraria sphaerocarpa patches shifts the shrub-annual interaction in an arid desert, northwestern China
The results indicated that these negative shifts in plant interactions were not clearly related to ‘shrub-island effect’ in terms of nutrient accumulation or soil properties improvement, but may be explained by the variation in other abiotic factors, such as soil moisture and available light. Expand
Variation in floral sex allocation, female success, and seed predation within racemiform synflorescence in the gynomonoecious Ligularia virgaurea (Asteraceae)
The results showed that L. virgaurea was susceptible to high levels of bisexual biased predation, which was greater for top capitula, and it is suggested that variations in reproductive patterns at different capitulum positions within racemiform synflorescence may help to enhance reproductive success of L. virginity in the face of bisexual-biased seed predation. Expand
Varying water utilization of Haloxylon ammodendron plantations in a desert‐oasis ecotone
Haloxylon ammodendron is a desert shrub used extensively in China for restoring degraded dry lands. An understanding of the water source used by H. ammodendron plantations is critical achievingExpand
Strategies to Boost Ionic Conductivity and Interface Compatibility of Inorganic - Organic Solid Composite Electrolytes
  • Xiaoqi Zhu, Kai Wang, +7 authors Yanwei Ma
  • Materials Science
  • 1 April 2021
Abstract All-solid-state electrolytes have attracted widely attentions due to their adequate safety assurance, which demonstrates great potential in high energy batteries with lithium metal anode. InExpand
Extreme drought stress shifts net facilitation to neutral interactions between shrubs and sub‐canopy plants in an arid desert
381 This work is licensed under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC-BY)  http://creativecommons.org/licenses/ by/4.0/ . The license permits use, distributionExpand
Intraspecific competition and light effect on reproduction of Ligularia virgaurea, an invasive native alpine grassland clonal herb
The sexual reproduction and clonal growth of Ligularia virgaurea were studied under different competition intensities and light conditions at the genet level, and the positive correlation between two reproductive modes indicated that these are two integrated processes. Expand
Changes in soil and vegetation with stabilization of dunes in a desert–oasis ecotone
Revegetation of indigenous plants in a desert–oasis ecotone is an effective way of maintaining the stability of oases. Understanding the changes in vegetation and soil is crucial for restorationExpand
Soil moisture and salt ionic composition effects on species distribution and diversity in semiarid inland saline habitats, northwestern China
It is suggested that vegetation can be used as a proxy indicating soil salt conditions, and their relationships can further provide important information for the improvement of salt-affected soil’s management and salt-tolerant species utilization in environmental restoration. Expand
Species-specific traits determine shrub-annual interactions during a growing season
The balance between competitive and facilitative effects in shrub-annual interactions is not only governed by the severity of stress but also determined by plant traits, such as canopy structure of shrubs and functional traits of their understory annuals. Expand