Geetha Subramanian

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Linear vestibular evoked potentials (VsEPs) measure the collective neural activity of the gravity receptor organs in the inner ear that respond to linear acceleration transients. The present study examined the effects of electrode placement, analog filtering, stimulus polarity and stimulus rate on linear VsEP thresholds, latencies and amplitudes recorded(More)
OBJECTIVES To identify the antitumor activity and wound-healing effect of docetaxel delivered in the surgical tumor microenvironment of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC). DESIGN Control and experimental series. SETTING Academic medical center. SUBJECTS BALB/c and severe combined immunodeficiency mice. INTERVENTION Intrawound (IW)(More)
Cemented Bipolar arthroplasty is an established method for treatment of comminuted Intertrochanteric fractures. Reconstruction of greater trochanter is an essential technical step to avoid complications like abductor lurch gait. We here describe a technique of reconstruction and fixation of greater trochanter using cancellous screws with wide washers made(More)
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