Geetha Sivaraman

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The notion of fuzzy subsets was introduced by L.A.Zadeh (1965) and it was generalised to intuitionistic fuzzy subsets by K.Atanassov [1]. After the invention of intuitionistic fuzzy subsets, many real life problems are studied accurately [7, 13, 14]. The measure of fuzziness was studied in [12, 16]. The ranking of intuitionistic fuzzy numbers plays a main(More)
The information received froma source, represented by an information system, involves quantitative, qualitative and incomplete information. Such incomplete information are fed into the intelligent system for enhancing accuracy using interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy numbers (IVIFN). Ranking of IVIFN is an important component of any incomplete interval(More)
The notion of fuzzy sets was introduced by L.A.Zadeh and was extended to intuitionistic fuzzy subsets by K.Atanassov. The notions of fuzzy and intuitionistic fuzzy topological spaces were introduced and studied by C.L.Chang, D. Coker, K.Hur The notion of induced topology on fuzzy singletons has been introduced and it has been extended to the induced(More)
The notion of fuzzy filters was studied by Vicente and Aranguren (1988), Lowen (1979), and Ramakrishnan and Nayagam (2002). The notion of fuzzily compactness was introduced and studied by Ramakrishnan and Nayagam (2002). In this paper, an equivalent condition of fuzzily compactness is studied and a new notion of semi-Hausdorffness on fuzzy filters, which(More)