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The notion of fuzzy subsets was introduced by L.A.Zadeh (1965) and it was generalised to intuitionistic fuzzy subsets by K.Atanassov [1]. After the invention of intuitionistic fuzzy subsets, many real life problems are studied accurately [7, 13, 14]. The measure of fuzziness was studied in [12, 16]. The ranking of intuitionistic fuzzy numbers plays a main(More)
The fungal infestations have become significant cause for the quality and economic loss. They often cause infections to the handlers and consumers. Some of the fungal species are potent allergens, mycotoxin producers and can even cause superficial and pulmonary infection. Reports of previous studies are restricted to genus level due to overlapping of(More)
The higher incidence of extended spectrum of beta lactamase (ESBL) producing Escherichia coli (E. coli) in various community triggers to investigate the ESBL prevalence in seafood and its environment. A total of 24 fish processing effluent samples were collected fortnightly during January 2015–Dec 2015 and screened for ESBL producing E. coli. Twenty-eight(More)
Three hundred and three chicks of both sexes, from a synthetic dam line (SDL) of broiler chickens, were studied for economic traits (body weights at 4, 5 and 6 weeks of age) and immunological traits (humoral and cell mediated immune responses, and serum lysozyme concentration). The objective was to evaluate these traits and to estimate their genetic and(More)