Geetha Sitaraman

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A variety of approaches have been recently proposed to automatically infer users’ personality from their user generated content in social media. Approaches differ in terms of the machine learning algorithms and the feature sets used, type of utilized footprint, and the social media environment used to collect the data. In this paper, we perform a(More)
User generated content on social media sites is a rich source of information about latent variables of their users. Proper mining of this content provides a shortcut to emotion and personality detection of users without filling out questionnaires. This in turn increases the application potential of personalized services that rely on the knowledge of such(More)
Research in psychology has suggested that behavior of individuals can be explained to a great extent by their underlying personality traits. In this paper, we focus on predicting how the personality of YouTube video bloggers is perceived by their viewers. Our approach to personality recognition is multimodal in the sense that we use audio-video features, as(More)
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