Geetha Mohan

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INTRODUCTION Osteoarthritis (OA) is a complex, multifactorial joint disease affecting both the cartilage and the subchondral bone. Animal models of OA aid in the understanding of the pathogenesis of OA and testing suitable drugs for OA treatment. In this study we characterized the temporal changes in the tibial subchondral bone architecture in a rat model(More)
Long-term maintenance of ovariectomized rats (9 weeks) on chow containing high phytoestrogen levels (Purina LabDiet 5001) as compared to chow with minimal phytoestrogens (Harlan 2016 Teklad) was associated with better performance of the spatial memory task, object placement, increased dendritic spine density in CA1 and prefrontal cortex pyramidal neurons,(More)
Chromaproline and Chromaperidine, two recently synthesized and pharmacologically characterized nicotinic agonists, and Donepezil (Aricept), an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor approved for the treatment of memory loss, were evaluated for effects on performance of a visual recognition memory task (object recognition) and a spatial memory task (object(More)
OBJECTIVE Because reduction of the microtubule-associated protein Tau has beneficial effects in mouse models of Alzheimer's disease and epilepsy, we wanted to determine whether this strategy can also improve the outcome of mild traumatic brain injury (TBI). METHODS We adapted a mild frontal impact model of TBI for wildtype C57Bl/6J mice and characterized(More)
OBJECTIVE Bisphosphonates are considered potential disease modifying osteoarthritis (OA) agents. The present study investigated the efficacy of pre-emptive, early, and delayed alendronate (ALN) treatment initiation on subchondral trabecular bone and cartilage in low-dose monosodium iodoacetate (MIA)-induced knee OA in rats. METHODS Male rats received(More)
Genes and proteins of the Fos family are used as markers of neuronal activity and can be modulated by stress. This study investigated whether social defeat (SD) or exposure to an olfactory cue associated with the SD experience activated Fos and FosB/DeltaFosB (ΔFosB) expression in brain regions implicated in the development of post-traumatic stress(More)
Integration of wind turbine based on doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) into the electrical grid has become an important part of electrical generation in many countries and its importance is continuing to increase. A few of them are various speed generations, the decoupled control of active and reactive power and high power capacity. The current and(More)
A randomized, parallel group, double-blind multi-centre study was carried out in 342 patients with symptomatic seasonal allergic rhinitis to assess the efficacy and tolerability of intranasal budesonide administered either as a single morning dose of 400 micrograms or as a 200 micrograms twice-daily dose, morning and evening, for 4 weeks. Both treatments(More)
Currently in many cities and rural areas of Vietnam, wastewater is discharged to the environment without any treatment, which emits considerable amount of greenhouse gas (GHG), particularly methane. In this study, four GHG emission scenarios were examined, as well as the baseline scenario, in order to verify the potential of GHG reduction from domestic(More)
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