Geetali Saha

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The motivation of the proposed method is to solve typical problem for multiple object tracking like partial background change, motion blur, object's occlusion, temporal movement, merging of object(s), etc. In this paper, we have proposed a color-based probability matching for real-time object(s) tracking. The proposed method is capable to detect moving(More)
Viewers are attracted and attached to multimedia content due to their emotional experience associated with it. In this paper, we present an emotion recognition method of EEG signals elicited while watching music videos. The emotional features are extracted from EEG signals using dual-tree complex wavelet packet transform (DT-CWPT). The most discriminating(More)
Agriculture is the backbone of Indian Economy. Most of the agriculture sector depends upon weather parameters. So, Weather has significant influence on every phase of agriculture activity from preparatory tillage to harvesting and storage. A sound knowledge of climate factors and its interactions with crop is essential for successful agriculture.(More)
A computerized cardiac disorders classification system needs a proper boundary estimated cardiac cycle of recorded heart sound signals. In the proposed algorithm the boundaries of two primary heart sounds, S1 and S2 events are estimated using Hilbert transform method and a statistical approach. This method uses an adaptive threshold value which is(More)
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