Geeta Rani

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Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) have become popular in industries for measurement of process parameters like temperature, vibration, humidity etc. For the past few years, research and development efforts have increased to implement WSN technology in nuclear industry also. For this, wireless hardware and software must have a record of reliable performance(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) have been introduced in nuclear reactor environment to monitor and measure the plant parameters. For the deployment in this environment, WSN nodes should be rugged, able to withstand high temperature, humidity, radiation etc. As per the international standard, the nodes will be subjected to various qualification tests namely(More)
In this paper the M/M/2/K queueing Model with controllable arrival rates, different service rates and feedback is considered. The steady state solution and system characteristics are derived for this model. The analytical results are numerically illustrated and the effect of the nodal parameters on the system characteristics are studied and relevant(More)
A Mobile network is the interconnection of vast number of users over the network. Each user is assigned with same number of resources. Now such kind of network suffers from the problem of congestion as well as starvation. The proposed work is about to get the maximum outcome from the network. In this work we are finding the most frequent pattern over the(More)
Wireless sensor networks are a new type of networked systems, characterized by severely constrained computational and energy resources, and an ad hoc operational environment. Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have been increasingly available for large-scale applications in which energy efficiency &, security is an important performance measure. Driven by the(More)
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