Geertje Jacobs

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We performed a user experiment in which museum professionals used vocabularies from the Web for annotating the subject matter of museum objects. In this paper, we study the requirements on the underlying RDF dataset, search algorithms and user interface design in a real world setting. We identify the advantages of reusing vocabularies from the Web and(More)
Cultural heritage institutions are currently rethinking access to their collections to allow the public to interpret and contribute to their collections. In this work, we present the Agora project, an interdisciplinary project in which Web technology and theory of interpretation meet. This we call digital hermeneutics. The Agora project facilitates the(More)
Within cultural heritage collections, objects are often grounded in a particular historical setting. This setting can currently not be made explicit, as structured descriptions of events are either missing or not marked up explicitly. This poster reports a study on automatic extraction of an historical event thesaurus from unstructured texts. We also(More)
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