Geert Verstraeten

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Undoubtedly, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has gained its importance through the statement that acquiring a new customer is several times more costly than retaining and selling additional products to existing customers. Consequently, marketing practitioners are currently often focusing on retaining customers for as long as possible. However, recent(More)
Loyalty and targeting are central topics in Customer Relationship Management. Yet, the information that resides in customer databases only records transactions at a single company, whereby customer loyalty is generally unavailable. In this study, we enrich the customer database with a prediction of a customer's behavioral loyalty such that it can be(More)
This article seeks to gain insight into the influence of sample bias in a consumer credit scoring model. Considering the vital implications on revenues and costs concerned with the issuing and repayment of commercial credit, predictive performance of the model is crucial, and sample bias has been suggested to pose a sizeable threat to profitability due to(More)
Since it is generally recognised that models evaluated on the data that was used for constructing them are overly optimistic, in predictive modeling practice, the assessment of a model’s predictive performance frequently relies on a one-shot train-and-test split between observations used for estimating a model, and those used for validating it. Previous(More)
Data preparation is a process that aims to convert independent (categorical and continuous) variables into a form appropriate for further analysis. We examine data-preparation alternatives to enhance the prediction performance for the commonly-used logit model. This study, conducted in a churn prediction modeling context, benchmarks an optimized logit model(More)
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