Geert Monsieur

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In a Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) process definition the sequence of exchanged messages typically originates from the sequence of business process activities and from the need of coordination of those activities across the participants of the process. As such business concerns (e.g. the sequence of business process steps) are often mixed with(More)
Composing services into service-based systems requires the design of coordination logic, which describes all service interactions realising the composition. Coordination can be defined as the management of dependencies; in a services context we can discriminate between 'control flow' that manages sequence dependencies and 'data flow' for managing data(More)
This paper describes a didactical Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE)-tool that was developed for use within the context of a course in object-oriented domain modelling. In particular, the tool was designed to address several inconveniences that challenge the realisation of the course objectives: the number of students enrolled does not allow for(More)
BACKGROUND Migration is an important aspect of cellular behaviour and is therefore widely studied in cell biology. Numerous components are known to participate in this process in a highly dynamic manner. In order to obtain a better insight in cell migration, mutants or drugs are used and their motive phenotype is then linked with the disturbing factors. One(More)
  • Geert Monsieur, Monique Snoeck, Raf Haesen, Wilfried Lemahieu, Kuleuven, geert Monsieur +1 other
  • 2006
This paper presents experiences with the use of an MDA approach to generate prototype applications from a conceptual domain model in the context of teaching object-oriented domain modelling. Each conceptual model used to generate the prototype consists of a combination of three views (a class diagram, a proprietary object-event table and a group of finite(More)
Tourism is a major social and cultural activity with relevant economic impact. In an effort to promote their attractions with tourists, some cities have adopted the open-data model, publishing touristic data for programmers to use in their own applications. Unfortunately, each city publishes touristic information in its own way. A common Application(More)
Modern services composition languages such as e.g. the Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) define business processes as sequence constrains on message exchanges. These types of process descriptions are often very complex, because they incorporate many low-level, technical details. As a result, the high-level overview of the business process is easily(More)
  • Paulo João, Almeida Andrade, Ferreira Luís, Marten Pires, Van Sinderen, June +35 others
  • 2006
The 3M4MDA 2006 workshop aims at helping the convergence of the research and practical application, by focusing on the milestones in the model-driven development process, the models to be used, and mappings to be established between these models. Many issues have risen from the practical application of the model-driven approach, most notably those that(More)
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