Geert Depovere

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A digital watermark is a perceptually unobtrwive signal embedded in some multimedia asset carrying additional information: e.g. copyright information of a video clip. For nearly all watermarking schemes published so far, detection is based on some form of com-lation. I n this paper, we show that the detection di-ability can be significantly improved by(More)
Theoretical modeling of watermarks allow prediction of the detector reliability and facilitates the development of more reliable systems. In particular, mathematical evaluation is relevant to estimate the rate at which \false alarms" occur. In this paper, the probability of incorrect detection (missed detection or false alarm) is expressed in terms of the(More)
This paper summarizes considerations and rationales for the design of a watermark detector. In particular, we relate watermark detection to the problem of signal detection in the presence of (structured) noise. The paper builds on the mathematical results from several previously published papers (by our own research group or by others) to verify and support(More)
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