Geert Carron

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Future-generation cellular wireless systems, transporting high bit rates in non-ideal radio propagation environments, must be robust to severe frequency selective multipath. Further requirements include moderate terminal and base station hardware costs, high spectral efficiency, and scalability of the cost of terminals with respect to their maximum bit rate(More)
For the CLIC two-beam scheme, a high-current, longpulse drive beam is required for RF power generation. Taking advantage of the 3 GHz klystrons available at the LEP injector once LEP stops, a 180 MeV electron accelerator is being constructed for a nominal beam current of 3.5 A and 1.5 Ps pulse length. The high current requires highly effective suppression(More)
In the so-called “Two-Beam Acceleration Scheme” the energy of a drive beam is converted to rf power by means of a “Transfer Structure”, which plays the role of power source. In The Transfer Structure the bunched drive beam is decelerated by the electromagnetic field which it induces and builds up by the coherent interaction of successive bunches with the(More)
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