Geert Boccardi

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Chemical degradation and stability in formulation is a recurrent issue in pharmaceutical development of drugs. The objective of the present study was to develop an in silico risk assessment of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) stability with respect to autoxidation. The chemical degradation by autoxidation of a diverse series of APIs has been(More)
Easily integrable cost effective gate first Single Metal Single Dielectric (SMSD) solution based on As implantation into TiN/HfO<inf>2</inf> with &#x223C; 1 nm EOT is presented. A consistent n-type shift of 250 mV down to 35 nm L<inf>g</inf> is obtained by As I/I compared to the reference stack. Symmetrical threshold voltages (&#x223C; &#x00B1;0.5 V) are(More)
Two SMSD gate first planar CMOS devices were demonstrated. Vtn/Vtp= +0.49V/&#x2212;0.48V were achieved by adjusting TiN to p-like metal and As I/I on nMOS. This enables the equivalent +/&#x2212;0.2V low Vt target of N22 fully depleted CMOS technologies. Vtn/Vtp= 0.52/&#x2212; 0.55 were obtained by transforming PVD-TiN/Ti into n-like metal TiN/TiSix for nMOS(More)
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