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Geolocation technology provides the ability to target content and services to users visiting specific locations. There is an expanding growth of device features and Web Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) supporting the development of applications with geolocation services on mobile platforms. However, to be effective, these applications rely on the(More)
This paper deals with the description of a new co-innovation method linking an operator and academic resources. This method based on the promotion of free software has been validated during Orange Expo 2010 Mauritius organized by Mauritius Telecom. The goal is to boost local innovation and ease the development of " Telcoweb " micro-services.
During the past decade, Molecular Biology wet labs and sequencing activities have been generating a vast amount of data, causing an increase in the adoption of new methods and tools for identification and analysis. In particular, the use of software agent technology in bioinformatics applications has been on the rise, due some of its unique features as(More)
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