Gediminas Mikutis

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We describe the synthesis and screening of a DNA-encoded chemical library containing 76230 compounds. In this library, sets of amines and carboxylic acids are directly linked producing encoded compounds with compact structures and drug-like properties. Affinity screening of this library yielded inhibitors of the potential pharmaceutical target tankyrase 1,(More)
DNA-encoded chemical libraries are collections of small molecules, attached to DNA fragments serving as identification barcodes, which can be screened against multiple protein targets, thus facilitating the drug discovery process. The preparation of large DNA-encoded chemical libraries crucially depends on the availability of robust synthetic methods, which(More)
The potential of DNA-encoded combinatorial libraries (DECLs) as tools for hit discovery crucially relies on the availability of methods for their synthesis at acceptable purity and quality. Incomplete reactions in the presence of DNA can noticeably affect the purity of DECLs and methods to selectively remove unreacted oligonucleotide-based starting products(More)
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