Gede Agus Widyadana

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In this study, a deteriorating inventory problem with and without backorders is developed. From the literature search, this study is one of the first attempts by researchers to solve a deteriorating inventory problem with a simplified approach. The optimal solutions are compared with the classical methods for solving deteriorating inventory model. The total(More)
Keywords: Inventory control Preventive maintenance Deteriorating items Rework Lost sales FIFO a b s t r a c t Due to unreliable production facility and stochastic preventive maintenance, deriving an optimal production inventory decision in practice is very complicated. In this paper, we develop a production model for deteriorating items with stochastic(More)
Rework is one of the main issues in reverse logistic and green supply chain, since it can reduce production cost and environmental problem. Many researchers focus on developing rework model, but few of them developed model for deteriorating items. In this paper, we develop an economic production quantity (EPQ) model for deteriorating items with rework. In(More)
In Moon and Lee's model (2000), they developed a finite planning horizon economic order quantity (EOQ) model with time value of money and inflation. This paper extends Moon and Lee's model to examine a production system with a random life cycle. Two conditions are discussed: the first is when the product life cycle ends in the production stage and the(More)
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