Geatano Vignola

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DAΦNE, the Frascati Φ-factory, is an e+/e– collider with 2 interaction points (IPs). The center of mass energy is 1020 MeV and the design luminosity 4.2 × 1030 cm–2 s–1 in single bunch mode and 5 × 1032 cm–2 s–1 in multibunch mode. Between the possible electromagnetic reactions at the interaction point, single bremsstrahlung (SB) has been selected for the(More)
A partial study for a 6 GeV undulator based synchrotron radiation source for production of high brightness undulator radiation, in the Å, is presented. The basic lattice adopted for the storage ring is a hybrid FODO Chasman-Green lattice, making use of gradient in the dipoles. We discuss also the e beam current limits and the injection parameters.
The design of a magnet lattice and bypass for a coherent radiation facility is discussed. The lattice is the missing magnet FODO structure first proposed by Vignola [3] for a 6 GeV light source. This has been adapted for a 750-1300 MeV electron storage ring for use with both conventional insertion devices and a high gain FEL optimized for output at 400 Å.(More)
An overview of the Frascati Phi -factory and the salient project features are presented. The engineering design of vacuum and magnetic components, diagnostics, power supplies of the accumulator ring and of the main rings is in progress. The main concern, at this time, is how to handle the multibunch instability that is the most harmful problem in the design(More)
DAΦNE, the Frascati Φ-Factory, is now under commissioning. The accelerator complex is composed of a linac, an accumulator-damping ring, and two separate main rings, one for electrons and the other for positrons, with two interaction regions in which the experiments will be placed. In order to achieve the luminosity goal, high performance instrumentation and(More)
The Phase-I SESAME beamlines have been defined by the scientific research programme of the SESAME users and Insertion Devices (IDs) will be the primary photon sources. It foresees two planar wigglers dedicated for WAFS/XRF and powder diffraction beamlines covering spectral range of 3-30 keV and 3-25 keV respectively, one elliptically polarizing undulator(More)
The lattice for the double ring e/sup +/e/sup -/ collider DA Phi NE of the Frascati Phi -factory project is presented. Electrons and positrons circulate in two horizontally separated storage rings and collide at a horizontal half angle of 10 mrad in one or two interaction points. This allows a very short bunch distance and therefore a very high collision(More)
The injection system for the Frascati Phi -factory was designed to store approximately=10/sup 13/ positrons and electrons in the two main rings. The system will consist of a high-current electron linac, a low-current high-energy electron-positron section, and a compact damping ring. The two linac sections will provide approximately=0.3nC of positrons within(More)
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