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Interpretation of U-series disequilibria in midocean ridge basalts is highly dependent on the bulk partition coefficients for U and Th and therefore the mineralogy of the mantle source. Distinguishing between the effect of melting processes and variable source compositions on measured disequilibria (U-Th-Ra and U-Pa) requires measurement of the radiogenic(More)
A technique is presented to cluster geospatial features on an electronic display and determine a meaningful measure of display clutter. An algorithm previously developed by the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) to cluster objects in sidescan imagery has been modified to cluster any displayed features in three dimensions: geospatial location (x, y) and color(More)
Intelligent devices, with smart clutter management capabilities, can enhance a user's situational awareness under adverse conditions. Two approaches to assist a user with target detection and clutter analysis are presented, and suggestions on how these tools could be integrated with an electronic chart system are further detailed. The first tool, which can(More)
The research in this paper focuses on the I/O problem associated with a parallel application writing to a single physical disk. Included in our research are the original ideas that led to the first version of the parallel software, subsequent versions of the software derived from lessons learned from benchmark results, and speedup results of each version.(More)
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