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Controlling the synthesis of uniform electron-deficient Pd clusters for superior hydrogen production from formic acid
Formic acid (FA) has been considered as a safe and convenient hydrogen carrier. Via an efficient catalytic process, hydrogen with the weight percentage of 4.4 wt% can be released in situ for onsiteExpand
Potential-digging revamping of a 40 kt/a sulpuric acid system
A 40 kt/a pyrite-burning sulphuric acid plant, designed in venturi-froth tower-wet electrostatic precipitation configuration, was revamped because of poor technical and economic indexes and seriousExpand
Cost-Effective Parallel Processing for H-squared/H-to infinity Controller Synthesis
Using the existing UNIX workstations can be a very cost-effective approach to shorten computation time and can easily be realized and incorporated in a practical industrial design environment. Expand
Globally Convergent Homotopy Algorithms for the Combined H-squared/ H-to Infinity Model Reduction Problem
The problem of finding a reduced order model, optimal in the H-squared sense, to a given system model is a fundamental one in control system analysis and design. The addition of a H-to infinityExpand
An Object-oriented Approach to Semidefinite Programming
An object-oriented design and implementation of a primal-dual algorithm for solving the semidefinite programming problem and its implementation using C++ are presented; the performance of the C++ implementation is compared with that of a procedural C implementation, and the resulting code is easier to read, modify, and maintain. Expand
Quantum Computing Applied to Optimization
Optimization problems represent a class of problems that can be time consuming to solve and very complex. In this paper, a quantum algorithm for solving optimization problems is proposed. TheExpand