Ge Hai Jian

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PURPOSE To investigate the possible relationship between myopia progression and near accommodative lag. METHODS A 1-year longitudinal study was carried out to measure the accommodative response and myopia progression in 62 children with mild and progressing myopia at two visits: they were 10.81 +/- 1.60 years old with refractive error -1.70 +/- 0.76 D on(More)
  • IAMTRAKUL Pawinee, TEKNOMO Kardi, GE Jian, HOKAO Kazunori
  • 2005
Public parks provide many benefits to the community as the representatives of green area. The allocation of public places plays an extremely important role in the daily lives of inhabitants especially for recreational use that could enhance the quality of life of residents in the vicinity. To understand park users’ behavior is one of the most important(More)
Three towns in Hangzhou with typical terrains are selected to make survey on household energy consumption, and measure the samples of rural residential building and test their thermal performance. Through the survey, the current energy consumption situation of new rural residential buildings in Hangzhou are summarized and analyzed from six aspects including(More)
The objective of present research was to establish antigen capture ELISA detection method for H9 subtype avian influenza virus. BALB/c mice were immunized with HA recombination protein, and then the mouse splenic cells were fused with SP2/0 cells, hybridoma cell stably secreting anti-HA McAb was screened by ELISA coated with the AIV antigen, an antigen(More)
Though the method of citizen participation in urban planning is quite well established, for a specific segment of residential environment, however, existing participation system has not coped adequately with the issue. The specific residential environment has detailed aspects that need positive and high level involvement of the citizens in participating in(More)
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