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OBJECTIVES To investigate the efficiency of multiparametric MRI (mpMRI) based on Prostate Imaging Reporting and Data System (PI-RADS) Version 2 (v2) in detecting clinically significant prostate cancer (PCa) and to test the interobserver consistency. METHODS Based on PI-RADS v2, two radiologists reviewed the images of 372 patients who underwent prostate(More)
We have developed a simple electrochemical method to detect DNA damage caused by the photovoltaic effect of nano-TiO(2). Meanwhile, we have found that resveratrol, a Chinese Traditional Medicinal Herb species, can have a repairing effect to the oxidized DNA, which can also be detected with the proposed technique in this paper.
Dendrimers as a new kind of polymer have been studied for medical applications mainly in two aspects: drug delivery and gene delivery. The unique characteristics, such as uniformity, monodispersity and the ability to functionalize their terminal groups with various targeting agents distinguish them as versatile carriers. In the paper the recent advances of(More)
The study systematically investigated free, conjugate and total phenolics (phenolic acids and flavonoids) in leaves of 19 Chinese and one American sweetpotato cultivars grown in China. Three extraction/hydrolytic methods (direct extraction and acidic and basic hydrolysis) for sample preparation were employed to obtain different forms of phenolics.(More)
Purpose: To investigate whether prebiopsy multi-parametric (mp) MRI can help to improve predictive performance in prostate cancer.Experimental Design: Based on a support vector machine (SVM) analysis, we prospectively modeled clinical data (age, PSA, digital rectal examination, transrectal ultrasound, PSA density, and prostate volume) and mp-MRI findings(More)
We herein present an effective strategy to create water-soluble fluorescent bioimaging dyes by introducing the imidazolium-based ionic liquid (IL) pendants into a fluorescent skeleton. A new type of water-soluble imidazolium-anchored squaraine dye was synthesized accordingly. The relationship between the aggregate of squaraines and their fluorescent cell(More)
An efficient methodology for the synthesis of unsymmetrical biheteroaryl molecules has been developed via Pd(II)-catalyzed oxidative C-H/C-H cross-coupling of heteroarenes. An inversion in reactivity and selectivity has been achieved successfully to perform the desired heterocoupling. This process allows the heterocoupling of not only electron-rich(More)
Particle swarm optimization (PSO) has been modified to be widely applied in the practical engineering constrained problems. However, with the increment of the complexity of the engineering problems, the fitness and constraint evaluations often cost a lot of time. Many surrogate models assisted PSO algorithms have been proposed for unconstrained problems,(More)
In this work, we prepared quaternized carbon dots (CDs) with simultaneous antibacterial and bacterial differentiation capabilities using a simple carboxyl-amine reaction between lauryl betaine and amine-functionalized CDs. The obtained quaternized CDs have several fascinating properties/abilities: (1) A long fluorescence emission wavelength ensures the(More)
The development of straightforward accesses to organic functional materials through C-H activation is a revolutionary trend in organic synthesis. In this article, we propose a concise strategy to construct a large library of donor-acceptor-type biheteroaryl fluorophores via the palladium-catalyzed oxidative C-H/C-H cross-coupling of electron-deficient(More)